Transforming People Development in 2021

Leading Organizational Change to Build a Better Normal

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Panel hosted by Dr. Cranla Warren, Organizational Psychologist and IHHP's VP of Leadership Development, and featuring:

Debbie Plager, Chief Talent Officer at HUB International

Peter Mostachetti, Cultural Transformation Leader at IBM

Leading the Evolution of HR and Talent

The role of HR and Talent Development has always been to mobilize, strengthen, and unleash the skills and potential of an organization's people so they can innovate, lead change, and adapt to new expectations. 

Now that even the immediate future is uncertain, how has the role of people development changed?

Watch our panel discussion to learn what steps HR & Talent leaders can take now to empower their people to lead the organization into a new, better normal.

The panel will explore:

  • The external forces reshaping the way people work
  • How to support a workforce that is grappling with rapid change and stress
  • The rise of employee wellbeing, collaboration, and diversity - how to make these now critical workplace ingredients a genuine priority
  • How to balance traditional organizational objectives with the human side of business

Learn best practices and get research that will help you re-imagine Talent Development in 2021. 

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VP of Leadership Development, IHHP

A lifelong student of human behavior, Dr. Cranla Warren holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and a post-graduate certificate in professional leadership. As a psychologist, business leader, and former family therapist, Cranla has a wealth of knowledge and experience in health psychology, family and organizational systems dynamics, values-based leadership, coaching, and employee engagement.

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Cultural Transformation Leader, IBM

A four-time speaker at the United Nations, Peter has driven cultural transformation and developed people at some of the world’s top organizations. He has helped managers and executives positively impact the organizations they lead through coaching, assessment interpretation, and the design and delivery of programs based in social work theory, neuroscience, and 20+ years of working with people and teams. 

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Chief Talent Officer, HUB International

As a Senior HR leader with expertise in strategic talent management, organizational development, executive and team coaching, and change management for high-profile corporations, Debbie is highly skilled in collaborating with all members of organizations to achieve business objectives. She has a proven track record for driving innovative people solutions, enhancing employee engagement, and building high performing teams.



We help you harness the emotions that stand in the way of building trust, collaboration, and engagement across the organization. We function as an extension of your team, ensuring that your people build the skills of Emotional Intelligence so everyone can perform at their best even during great challenge and change.

Over the past 20 years, we built a methodology of teaching these skills with life changing results to Olympic and professional athletes, hundreds of blue chip companies, including Goldman Sachs, Intel and IBM and many  government agencies, including the US Marines and NASA. We have also, literally, written the book on pressure, with it becoming a NY Times bestseller.

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