Transforming People Development in 2021

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Panel hosted by IHHP's Organizational Psychologist, Dr. Cranla Warren, and featuring:

Debbie Plager, Chief Talent Officer at HUB International

Peter Mostachetti, Cultural Transformation Leader at IBM

How to Build an Authentic People-First Culture

Normal has left the building and won’t be returning anytime soon.

It is time for organizations to support people in adopting new ways of working and to ensure teams are well equipped to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

If you have questions about what trends to expect in 2021, how to help people adapt to a digital environment, and what you can do to improve employee wellbeing in the midst of change and ambiguity, this is your chance to get some actionable strategies and recommendations.

The panel will explore:

  • The future of work environments and the impact on people
  • From change and stress to transformation: Tools to navigate uncertainty and the human emotions prevalent during these times  
  • Interaction over Transaction: Building connectedness and trust with your remote workforce
  • Practicing self-education to help your people help themselves
  • Battling burnout by building and role modelling practical self-care habits

Ask questions, learn best practices, and get research that will help you put people first 2021. 

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VP of Leadership Development, IHHP

A lifelong student of human behavior, Dr. Cranla Warren holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and a post-graduate certificate in professional leadership. As a psychologist, business leader, and former family therapist, Cranla has a wealth of knowledge and experience in health psychology, family and organizational systems dynamics, values-based leadership, coaching, and employee engagement.

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Cultural Transformation Leader, IBM

A four-time speaker at the United Nations, Peter has driven cultural transformation and developed people at some of the world’s top organizations. He has helped managers and executives positively impact the organizations they lead through coaching, assessment interpretation, and the design and delivery of programs based in social work theory, neuroscience, and 20+ years of working with people and teams. 

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Chief Talent Officer, HUB International

As a Senior HR leader with expertise in strategic talent management, organizational development, executive and team coaching, and change management for high-profile corporations, Debbie is highly skilled in collaborating with all members of organizations to achieve business objectives. She has a proven track record for driving innovative people solutions, enhancing employee engagement, and building high performing teams.



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