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Build a High-Performance Culture in Months, Not Years

a last 8% culture livecast
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Last 8% Culture System 

Do you have big goals you want to achieve, but are worried about how ready your team is to step in and attain them? Are you struggling to re-establish your culture after so much change over the last 3 years? 

Our global keynote speakers, JP Pawliw-Fry & Bill Benjamin, discussed the importance of the Last 8% Culture System, and identified the 3 myths of culture that can block you from creating the high-performance culture you need to grow and achieve results this year.

There is a lot at stake if you get caught in these 3 myths and fail to create a high-performance culture: you will move slower than you need to, not grow and achieve your results, and start to lose your key talent who, despite the economy, have more options than ever. This livecast allows you to experience our Last 8% Culture System, helping you avoid the biggest myths of culture, drive growth, and attract and retain top talent. 

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  • How to build a Last 8%, high-performance culture in months, not years.
    • Why getting your managers to own culture on their team is the single most important element to building culture at scale across the organization.
    • The 3 common myths of culture that will hold you back.
    • Research-based strategies for how to be an effective leader and build trust and connection within your teams. 
    • The two pillars that science says are at the heart of a high-performance culture.
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Partner & Keynote Speaker, IHHP

Bill is an energetic live onstage keynote speaker. For the past 20 years, Bill has delivered keynotes and workshops to IHHP’s top clients. His real-world experience in technology and sales means he understands the challenges that organizations face. His degrees in mathematics and computer science lead him to take a practical and scientific approach to helping people understand how the brain responds under pressure, and to leverage that to increase leadership and performance. Bill has over 30 years of business experience and has provided his expertise on leadership, performance, emotional intelligence, and the Last 8% with diverse groups in many high-pressure environments, including the U.S. Marines, NASA, Intel, Marriott, Goldman Sachs, and even surgeons!



Co-Founder and President, IHHP

Your teams deserve a culture where they feel valued, have a voice, and feel safe to take risks and be courageous. This is at the heart of what your organization needs to achieve great things and is the message you will get from Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry. He is a New York Times bestselling author of the book, Performing Under Pressure, and a visionary who has spent the past 25 years researching the variables that drive performance in the workplace. JP has worked with some of the top organizations in the world, including a who’s who of Fortune 100 companies, helping them transform. He brings something different than the usual: combining real world business experience with cutting edge ideas to help take your team and organization to the next level of performance.


IHHP is a global leader in culture development and emotional intelligence, with a proven track record of working with Fortune 500 organizations, government bodies, and academic institutions worldwide. We build long-term relationships and become advisors to organizations who routinely face pressure and want to create a lasting culture, such as Allstate, United Healthcare, Fidelity, Microsoft, Harvard, US Navy, along with NFL and NBA teams. Our learning systems are rooted in neuroscience, incorporating established theories and the latest research. We provide assessments, and employ a systemic approach to build and embed corporate culture at all levels of the organization. 

Our Last 8% Culture System, built on 25 years of research and designed to address organizations’ most urgent workplace demands, allows you to build your culture in months, not years. It empowers your leaders to embrace difficult conversations and decisions. Our highly effective culture development system allows you to move your culture from high-avoidance to high-connection and high-courage. IHHP's pioneering products and systems have been proven to help drive growth, build high-performing teams, and create lasting shifts in employee engagement, satisfaction, and experience, positioning your organization as an employer of choice that attracts and retains top talent.

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