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Developing Leaders & Culture in a Hybrid World

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Building People Skills & Culture

To be effective in a hybrid world means dealing with transformative change, and building engaged, collaborative teams. However, most organizations lack the skills to effectively deal with those challenges. Employees feeling disconnected has led to an overall decline in their engagement, as a result, organizations are struggling not to lose progress and talent. 

On November 9th Bill Benjamin, Partner and Keynote Speaker at IHHP, was joined by Katherine McAllister, AVP Talent and Leadership Development at CNA, one of the largest U.S. commercial property and casualty insurance companies. 

They discussed how CNA leveraged our Science of Emotional Intelligence and Last 8% Conversations training to develop their leaders and teams. Along with why it's now critical that leaders focus on cultivating social connection and help employees experience a sense of belonging, not only to attract and retain talent, but to build a high-performing work culture.

In this livecast, we shared best practices and strategies so you can:

  • Understand how leaders can deepen connections among their hybrid employees to build a culture of collaboration, accountability, trust, empathy and psychological safety 
  • Create tools to help your teams connect and thrive in a hybrid world 
  • Learn why leaders can still have difficult Last 8% conversations when dealing with remote employees, and why it's more important than ever in this era of quiet quitting and hybrid work
    • Learn to master power skills for workplace connection  
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Partner & Keynote Speaker, IHHP

Bill is an energetic EI Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach. He spent 14 years in technology and sales, and has degrees in mathematics and computer science. With over 30 years of business experience, Bill has worked with leaders on how to leverage EQ-based coaching to drive performance, engagement and retention. Bill has worked with many diverse groups, including the U.S. Marines, NASA, Intel, and even Surgeons.



AVP Talent & Leadership Development, CNA Insurance

Katie is passionate about helping people unleash their potential. As the AVP of Talent & Leadership Development she leads a team responsible for the annual talent management cycle and leadership development offerings. Katie is energized by any opportunity to scale development and create greater equity and inclusion in organizations. Before joining CNA in 2014, Katie spent nine years in strategic HR roles at Whirlpool Corporation. 



We help you harness the emotions that stand in the way of building trust, collaboration, and engagement across the organization. We function as an extension of your team, ensuring that your people build the skills of Emotional Intelligence so everyone can perform at their best even during great challenge and change.

Over the past 20 years, we built a methodology of teaching these skills with life changing results to Olympic and professional athletes, hundreds of blue chip companies, including Goldman Sachs, Intel and IBM and many  government agencies, including the US Marines and NASA. We have also, literally, written the book on pressure, with it becoming a NY Times bestseller.

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