Molly's Game: An IHHP Livecast

How to Cultivate Resilience to Thrive Amidst Uncertainty

a last 8% conversation with molly bloom
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Reinvent Yourself for Success in 2021

Are you feeling like you have hit a wall? Tired from the challenges of 2020 and having difficulty getting refocused? We would like to tell you that 2021 will be different but that just isn’t the case. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot build skills to form an effective response.

In this livecast, IHHP co-founder and bestselling author, Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry, sits down for a powerful conversation with Molly Bloom of the bestselling memoir and Oscar-nominated film, Molly's Game, to explore how you can cultivate habits to help you endure and overcome the challenges that are still to come.

Get a rare opportunity to hear from two inspiring speakers and learn: 

  • The art of reinvention: How to reframe challenging situations and re-emerge with new strengths
  • How to build a growth mindset to identify and capitalize on learning opportunities
  • Steps you can take to combat fear of failure, feel less fragile, and increase optimism
  • How to move beyond resolutions and set goals with purpose and intention

Check out this exciting conversation and equip yourself with tools and insights to take control of 2021. Complete the form to access the livecast and resources!

Meet the Speakers



IHHP Co-Founder, Author, and Keynote Speaker

Dr. J.P. Pawliw-Fry is an emotional intelligence keynote speaker, leadership thought leader, peak performance expert, and co-author of the New York Times bestseller, Performing Under Pressure. J.P. challenges groups in an inspiring and practical way to think differently about human behavior, leadership, and how to manage the pressure that is overtaking so many organizations and individuals today.


Molly Bloom

Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Author of 'Molly’s Game' 

Best known for her memoir, which was adapted into an award-winning film by Aaron Sorkin, Bloom evolved from college student to LA waitress to building the world's largest and most notorious private poker game. Her games featured hundreds of millions of dollars and players like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, A-Rod, and Ben Affleck. She has appeared on media outlets such as Ellen, Vice, NPR, and spoken for Fortune’s Most Powerful Women.



We help you harness the emotions that stand in the way of building trust, collaboration, and engagement across the organization. We function as an extension of your team, ensuring that your people build the skills of Emotional Intelligence so everyone can perform at their best even during great challenge and change.

Over the past 20 years, we built a methodology of teaching these skills with life changing results to Olympic and professional athletes, hundreds of blue chip companies, including Goldman Sachs, Intel and IBM and many  government agencies, including the US Marines and NASA. We have also, literally, written the book on pressure, with it becoming a NY Times bestseller.

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